Domains as Internet Real Estate

Domains as Internet Real Estate

Many entrepreneurs say domain names are online or virtual real estate. Others, especially marketers, say domains are brand equity. In reality, we say they are both: internet real estate and brand equity. In this article, we explain why domains are internet real estate.

The best domain names are able to drive consistent high quality traffic to your business website on a regular basis just like being situated on a premium downtown real estate property. This is, in simplest terms, why domains are Internet real estate. They are able to put your business on a busy intersection of the Internet highway. And this is also why owning multiple domains that garner type-in or direct traffic is of great value to a business. Instead of paying for each lead or click-through (as you do with CPC advertising), you have a funnel of constant traffic and unlimited leads.

Here is how to ensure that the domain(s) you buy put you on a busy intersection in the digital community:

  • Dot com is the most popular and recognized extension. A domain with the .com extension will provide most traffic.
  • Country-code extensions are the best second choice if your business is local. But make sure to get the dot com version if it is available for sale and at the very least redirect it to your main website.
  • The shorter the name the better. 3 to 7 characters and single dictionary words are best. 2 quality word combinations also work very well. More than 2 words receive much less traffic unless they make perfect sense together, such as or
  • Protect yourself from competition by acquiring domains related to your business that could be used by your competitors to drive traffic away from your business or create a new competing company.

Having a smart domain name marketing strategy will increase your bottom line, save a huge amount in advertising costs, and increase the net worth of your business as the value of quality domains continues to grow.

October 23, 2018