Why Local Businesses Should Not Rely on Social Media Alone

Why Local Businesses Should Not Rely on Social Media Alone

So you are a local business and have a great looking social media page with a lot of followers. You may be thinking to yourself, “My customers find me on the social network, so why should I bother getting a domain name for my business?”

This is very short-term reasoning. Riding the coattails of any social network will benefit you only so far. First off, you are assuming that the social network will last indefinitely or will continue to offer the same traffic indefinitely. Anyone remember MySpace.com at the height of its day? Or what about Friendster? You cannot simply expect that any given social network will not have its ups and downs, even a long-lasting or permanent down. Next, it is clear that in addition to traffic, social networks offer pages for “free”. But is it really “free” when you consider the amount of time it takes you to design your page and build up followers? What about the money spent on advertising your page? What will happen if the social network disappears or decides to suspend your page for any given reason? It is out of your control and all of a sudden all the time and money spent becomes a total loss. Not to mention that the social network OWNS any content you upload to their platform.

There is no question that social media is a big part of any marketing plan mix. But consider the clear-cut advantages of owning your own domain name that is a perfect match to your business over just relying on social media.

  • A domain name will outlast any social network or website.
  • A domain name can be embedded in the psyche of your customers.
  • A domain name will allow you to control the content and traffic to your business.
  • A domain name is your long lasting identity online.
  • A domain name is an asset that will increase the value of your business.
  • You can forward (redirect) a domain name to your social media page or website.
  • A domain name will increase the traffic to your Web page.

The right domain name will impact your business in ways you may not imagine. A bad domain can do the opposite. That is why you need a domain expert to assist you in the selection of a domain that will have a positive impact on your business, unless the choice is obvious.

At Name Options, we hand-pick the best domains that will make excellent brands and grow your business.

October 21, 2018