Frequently Asked Questions

Our policies and other frequently asked questions

If the payment is made during regular working hours, then the domain is opened for transfer or pushed to the buyer's account (at the same registrar) within a very short time. Usually minutes or a couple of hours after payment confirmation.

If the payment is made overnight then the domain will be opened for transfer or account push early next day. This includes weekends.

Transfer is between different registrars. If you want to transfer the domain into your account at a different registrar then we will open (unlock) the domain and send you the authorization code (required by the new registrar). The domain transfer itself is initiated by the buyer at the new registrar.

Account change is if you have an account at the registrar where the domain is currently registered. We will push the domain to your account and you will confirm acceptance.

You are buying the rights to ownership of the domain name. Unless otherwise indicated, no content is included with the purchase. Domain name only.

You will have full authority over how the domain is used: main website address, domain redirect (to existing website), email address, etc.

At Name Options, you are paying a one-time buy out cost for the domain name rights.

In order to continue as the registrant (owner) of the domain name, you are required to pay an annual registration renewal cost to the registrar. This cost is around 10 to 30 dollars US, depending on the extension and registrar, per year. You can pay for multiple years (up to 10) at one time.

Our mission is to deliver first-class services with 100% satisfaction.

Once the domain is transfered/pushed away from the seller's account then there are no refunds.

In extenuating circumstances we may offer refunds, minus any administrative fees, and only after the domain name is back in the seller's account.