Value of Domains to Successful Business

Value of Domains to Successful Business

There many businesses starting up any given month or week. Most of them fail. Although there are many reasons for this, there is no question that having the right domain name plays a role in a business' success. The same can be said of established companies trying to launch a new brand. Here are some quotes from entrepreneurs that have built successful businesses and the role that domains played in those successes: Brent Oxley, founder of Host Gator, in an interview that appeared on

Q: Did building a successful company on the name HostGator help you realize the value of a strong and memorable company/domain name? A: Absolutely! The better your name, the more memorable it’s going to be when advertising. There’s millions of fly by night companies out there, and if your name doesn’t set you apart, you’re going to get confused with the rest of the herd.

Here is the full interview with Brent Oxley.

Inc. ran the article, "4 Ways a Domain Name Can Make or Break Your Business" that opens with:

Your domain name is a huge part of branding your company, and it must be done right. Think about how you'll want to talk about your company in the future, as well as URL extensions and keywords when you brainstorm a name.

You can read the entire article here.

There are also various ways that smart entrepreneurs are able to acquire the perfect domain with limited resources, such as in this interview you can watch or read on DomainSherpa:

In this show, Ciccerelli relates how he purchased for only $5,000 cash up-front (using a credit card advance), and how the domain was instrumental in building the $15 million business that exists today – so you can see that even without extensive resources, a deal is possible for a great brand and domain name.

Link to the entire show. The site features interviews with other entrepreneurs and domain investors.

Donald Trump needs no introduction. But what you may not have been aware off is that the Trump organization sees domains as a very important part of their forward thinking business strategy. Here is a quote from Eric Trump, the son of Donald Trump, who also is the executive vice president of development and acquisitions at the Trump organization, in an article that appeared in Business Insider:

"We acquire thousands (of domain names) a year, and it's smart," Eric Trump said of the web addresses. "It's just a smart thing to do, and it's a great way to protect yourself." "For a company like ours, it's incredibly important to protect ourselves, and it's incredibly important to own our intellectual property," he said.

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Quite frankly, businesses that are successful and are forward-thinking, "get" domains. They understand domain names and their value in branding and brand protection. They may not be as big as Trump that have invested interest in many different areas. However, there is no question that to compete and stand out, domains play a critical role. At Name Options, our goal is to help businesses develop strong domain strategies and implement a domain name branding road map. Our unique position in the domain market space allows access for companies, big and small, to huge potential in domain name acquisition.